12 Days of Apologies


It’s been 10 years since the release of Wolf Parade’s critically acclaimed first record, ‘Apologies To The Queen Mary’. The ’12 Days of Apologies’ project celebrates each track on this tremendous record with daily posts filled with inspirational photos, quotes, writing, videos, and covers.

It also has thoughts from the band, including my discussions with Arlen Thompson, Dan Boeckner, and Spencer Krug about the recording process and their inspiration for the songs they wrote for the record.

Here is the track-list and page for each https://halifaxartfestival.com/tramadol track:

1. You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son

2. Modern World

3. Grounds For Divorce

4. We Built Another World

5. Fancy Claps

6. Same Ghost Every Night

7. Shine A Light

8. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts

9. I’ll Believe in Anything

10. It’s A Curse

11. Dinner Bells

12. This Heart’s On Fire

10 year anniversary page with short stories and quotes from fans all inspired by Apologies to the Queen Mary

My talk with Dan Boeckner

My talk with Spencer Krug

My talk with Arlen Thompson