Handsome Furs are over

From Handsomefurs.com:

With a heavy heart the time has come to let all of you know that Handsome Furs are no more.

The most important thing that needs to be said right now is how extremely grateful we are to all the fans all over the world that showered us with love and support over the years. Thank you for everything! It’s been an incredible 6 years and we owe it all to you.



I’m extremely sad to post this news. I wish both Dan and Alexei success and happiness in whatever the future brings.

Dan Boeckner to score the movie ‘Adult World’

Just read this amazing news at Indiewire.com about Dan scoring the upcoming film ‘Adult World’, directed by Scott Coffey. Scott was also the director of two Handsome Furs videos.

Indie rock has its fair share of distinct voices, but few are as instantly recognizable as that of Dan Boeckner, the musician and voice behind the acclaimed Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs. But he’s stepping off the stage for a brief moment, to try his hand at something a little bit different.

Director Scott Coffey tweeted at us (thanks!) the news that he is “thrilled that Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade & Handsome Furs is scoring my movie #adultworld starting @RobertsEmma & @johncusack.” And indeed, that’s a pretty intriguing development for the film which is already quite promising. Starring the aforementioned Emma Roberts and John Cusack, along with “American Horror Story” star Evan Peters and “Raising Hope” actress Shannon Woodward, “Adult World” follows Amy Anderson (Roberts), a Stanford grad with dreams of becoming a poet who gets stuck working in an erotic bookstore to help pay off her mounting debt. Cusack will play Amy’s hero and mentor, the delightfully named poet Rat Billings, with Woodward as her punk/goth roommate Candace and Peters as Manny.

No word yet if Boeckner will be singing any new tunes, or just providing more of a score, but at any rate it should prove to be fascinating backdrop to the film. No release yet for the film, but could a fall festival premiere be possible? Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

Dead + Rural

Check out this great cover of the Handsome Furs song Dead + Rural by The Cinnamon Band.

Help Side Effect

A few months ago we posted about the Burmese band Side Effect and that they were raising funds to record a record. Many of you donated to their cause, but sadly due to US sanctions with Mayanmar (Burma) their account was frozen and all donated funds were returned. The band still needs our help! You can get more information on how you can recommit your funds over at HandsomeFurs.com. Check out Side Effect’s Facebook page for more info as well.