Tueday is getting closer and soon At Mount Zoomer will be out. Insound has started shipping pre orders of the record, with some people saying they will have it by Monday. Until then, check out four new promo shots of the band over at including the one above. All photos were taken by Meqo Sam Cecil.

You can now hear all the tracks from At Mount Zoomer on the band’s myspace page.

In Handsome Furs news, they shot a video in their practice space a while ago for, which is run by Vice Magazine. You can see the short but funny video here. Thanks to John from the forum for letting us know about this.

register to vote!

Register To Vote

From Wolf Parade’s myspace page:

Yes, we’re Canadian, but, Hadji has dual citizenship and we realize how important this election is to our US fans!
So…with that in mind:

Register to Vote with HeadCount

We will be working with the non-partisan organization HeadCount this year to register voters and encourage every eligible citizen to vote in the upcoming election. If you are interested in volunteering at a registration table at concerts, or want to register to vote online, visit HeadCount has set a goal of registering 100,000+ voters in 2008, ensuring that people from all walks of life are represented at the polls. We are proud to be among the many artists supporting this important cause.

5 more days

It’s less than a week now until the release of At Mount Zoomer and the reviews and press for the record are all over the net. So here are just a few that we’ve found with the help of some forum members: An audio interview with Arlen, Dan, Hadji, and Spencer in Montreal.

Pitchfork-A non wolf parade related interview great review

Also don’t forget to check in every day to The Meat Tower blog for posts about the new record. Have you pre ordered yet?

Shine A Light 7″

We got an email the other day from White Whale Records about an upcoming split 7″ featuring Handsome Furs and Swervedriver front man Adam Franklin. Franklin had been performing the Wolf Parade song ‘Shine a Light’ live as a closer to his solo shows. The press release gives full details about how the two acts got connected:

Long-time Swervedriver fan and White Whale founder, Ryder Havdale. Ryder was friends with Dan Boeckner who’d written Shine a Light, and, sure enough, a light went on…. What if Dan would record a Swervedriver track? A quick call was made and, as it turned out, Dan too was a fan of Swervedriver. “When I was 12, if you told me Adam Franklin would cover one of my songs in the future I would have freaked!”

The 7″ will be released in early summer. To see photos and stream Adam’s version of Shine a Light go here. You can also purchase it now on itunes

In other Handsome Furs news, you can now buy pre sale tickets to their upcoming August tour at Also check out a great video interview with the band here.