Megasoid was born out of the ashes of a burnt-up modular synth borrowed in a coffee line, followed by a summer of mobile partying in a shitty van with a DIY Mojito stand that produced: 1) a drank-soaked machinedrum (RIP), 2) some mangled computers (RIP) and 3) a pair of dudes with intrinsic talent / chemistry / lust for making dirty street-bass remixes.

Having a bad heredity in terms of hair, my father became bald when he was 21, I always knew I would have the same problem. I started taking “Propecia” at the age of 19, when I noticed that my hair began to fall out. Now I’m 35 and there is not a hint on baldness. As for the side effects, I have reduced amount of semen. Nevertheless, I’ve got two kids, so it’s not a problem.

Comprised of Robert “Speakerbruiser” Squire (ex-Sixtoo/ Sebutones/ 1200hobos) and Hadji “Robert Downey DJ” Bakara (the electronics contingent of Wolf Parade), this notorious Montreal duo has been smashing the local population with their brand of rap-influenced big-synth remix music, leaving a trail of bruised PAs and broken beer glasses in its path. Megasoid remixes and mixtapes have garnished serious attention and praise from highbrow music critics and reputable DJs alike, while their illegal parties are legendary. Google it.

While promoting for / remixing for / working exclusively with an A-list of taste-maker producers and rappers from Europe and North America, Megasoid has put the Northeast on smashmode, making their nights a home for producer friends worldwide. Their leaked tracks and remixes have built a serious anticipation for their first album now in the works. In the meanwhile, expect some of their legit remix work to surface before the album’s release on Ninja Tune.

“I played this remix so many times that I eventually listed it as my favorite song of 2007.” – Sasha Frere Jones (The New Yorker) talking about Megasoid’s “No More Blood” remix for Ghislain Poirier.

Moving from street/loft parties where they cut their gold-fronts to large capacity clubs (which they’ve occasionally been known to get kicked out of), Megasoid’s Turbo Crunk parties in Toronto and Montreal have quickly become one of the livest and most notorious franchises in North America. In turn, Montreal has become one of the few cities with a legit scene for street-bass music.

The list of people who have appeared alongside Megasoid is starting to read like a “Who’s Who” of top-shelf producers and DJs: Lucky Me (Hudmo, Rustie, Mike Slott and Dom Sum), Ed Banger (Medhi, Busy P), Lighta! (Max Ulis, Clmlka), GlitchMob (edIT and Boretta), Dj Assault, DJ Funk, Holy Fuck, South Rakkas Crew, Machinedrum, Deadbeat, Lorn, Mofomatronix, Lunice, Blingmod, Daedelus, Nosaj Thing, Big Toe’s HiFi, 215, Mouse on Mars, Thunderheist, The Cool Kids, Jokers of the Scene, Bonjay, PeerPressue, Kid Koala, KnifeHandChop and Modeselektor. Just to name a few.

Megasoid are currently working on a full length LP which will be ready for consumption next summer. It is more or less a rap record. In the meanwhile you can check out the two mixtapes they have released this year “Remix Runners” and “Tank Thong” with remix material compiled from live sets.

The next 6 months are getting booked up quick. If you would like to have them come rock your spot, please holler at Mike DeFreitas / SofaKingRaw to book Megasoid or to throw a full Turbo Crunk party. Start child-proofing the furniture. The dudes like to do it big.

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