April round-up

Wolf Parade Boston sign

Lots to say and not a lot of time to say it.

Firstly, Wolf Parade finished their tour with a double showing in Montreal but still have one more date to finish at this year’s Coachella on April 30th. You can find show reviews, some setlists and whatnot on the forum. And if you register there are some bootlegs to find and other exciting things including Maria’s excellent photos from several shows she visited.

Secondly, they’ve been showing off their new t-shirts during this tour with Matt Moroz’ lovely artwork on. They’re not yet available online, but we’re expecting them to go up on Sub Pop’s site at some point in the future. More images have been posted on the forum. Thanks to jwk and Marshy for the scans.

Wolf Parade t-shirt

Thirdly, on April 18th there was an interview with Dan and Arlen broadcast on Sirius Satellite. Thanks greatly to walt zink from the forum for the recording and upload, you can find it here (17mb).

Fourthly, Dante will be performing under his Johnny and the Moon pseudonym in Montreal on Thursday night.

from Friendship Cove MySpace page:


April, 27 2006 at
Friendship Cove, Montreal,
Cost: $7
Dante Decaro (of Wolf Parade), Jordan (Paris France), Fort Miracle (Graham of Micael Jordan Wolf), Noh Cars Go (brendan from arcade fire) Plus an amazing art show by Matt Shane.

Thanks to ookami for spotting that.

Fifthly, Mustin spotted that YouTube has a load of bootleg videos up from various performances, amongst other things. Check those out here.

Sixthly, Sunset Rubdown will be touring with Frog Eyes starting on May 1st in Los Angeles. So, if you haven’t already you need to start trying to get tickets for that. A few can be found online, see the tour dates section, you can also try the venues themselves or their websites.

Seventhly, Wolf Parade’s Shine a Light video by Matt Moroz will feature on Sub Pop’s excellent looking new compilation DVD of 25 music videos for just $10. Aquired Taste is due out May 9th 2006. Order it here.

Finally, thanks to Karpe for steaming through all the Sunset Rubdown lyrics and sorry to have not dealt with all the other emails yet. Responses forthcoming, hopefully.

Lots of other bits and bobs can be found on the forum.


Wolf Parade For Iceland Airwaves

Iceland Airwaves

Another festival announcement for the band.

International acts now confirmed
Kaiser Chiefs (UK), Wolf Parade (CAN), Brazilian Girls (US), Jenny Wilson (SE) and Love is All (SE).

Local acts now confirmed
Apparat Organ Quartet, Benni Hemm Hemm, Dr. Spock, Ghostigital, Hermigervill, Hjálmar, Jakobinarina, Kalli from Without Gravity, Leaves, Mammút, Mr. Silla, Mugison, Reykjavík! and Sign

Ticket sale
Icelandair has started selling tickets to Iceland Airwaves 2006 through their package deals which include flights, accommodation and Airwaves festival pass.


First Handsome Furs listen

Midnight Poutine have posted a Handsome Furs track.

We’re proud to offer you a rough MP3 of a new track by Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade.

Download the track at MP. Or if it ever goes down there or something, you can find it here.

And Dan will be showing off a few tracks in acoustic form at The Green Room on St-Laurent in Montreal on (Tuesday) March 28th.

Handsome Furs – Tour Dates

Handsome Furs Dan Boeckner

Handsome Furs is a side-project by Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner. He’s doing a tiny Scandinavian tour in May, according to Sub Pop. Dates are as follows:

May 9th – Oslo, Norway (Garage)
May 10th – Lund, Sweden (Mejeriet)
May 11th – Gothenborg, Sweden (Wish)
May 12th – Stockholm, Sweden (Debaser)
May 13th – Helsinki, Finland (Club Gang)

Also, Spencer Krug’s side-project Sunset Rubdown will be opening for Krug’s other band; Frog Eyes in May.

Sunset Rubdown Spencer Krug
© Nathalie Chomi-san

May 2006

26th – Hanover, NH – Fuel Rocket Club, Dartmouth University
25th – Cambridge, MA – TT the Bear’s
24th – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
23rd – Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church
20th – Montreal, Quebec – El Salon
18th – Chicago, IL – Schuba’s
17th – Northfield, MN – The Cave, Carleton College
14th – Mount Vernon, IA – The Orange Carpet in the Commons Building, Cornell College
13th – Fargo, ND – VFW
12th – Winnipeg, MB – Collective Cabaret
10th – Edmonton, AB – Satrlite Room
9th – Calgary, AB – Broken City
7th – Vancouver, BC – Richards
6th – Victoria, BC – Logan’s
4th – Seattle, WA – Crocdile
3rd – Portland, OR – Holocene
2nd – San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill
1st – Los Angeles, CA – Echo

Not a great deal of tickets can be found online, so we recommend heading to the venues themselves or to a local record store.

Sunset Rubdown’s second album, Shut Up I Am Dreaming, will be available through Absolutely Kosher from May 2nd 2006. The debut album and EP are still available from Global Symphonic.