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The New York City date for the upcoming Handsome Furs tour has been finalized. They will play the Bowery Ballroom on April 6th. Tickets will go onsale through Ticketmaster on March 5th at noon. The band has also been recently added as the support act for Spoon when they play New York venue Terminal 5 on April 9th. Tickets are on sale now.

Also, it appears Sunset Rubdown will be embarking on a full US tour in March/April. So far the only dates known are in Toronto, NYC, and now in Buffalo. Hopefully a full list of dates will be released soon.

EDIT (4th March 2008): It turns out that Sunset Rubdown are not making a Spring tour. The rumour was just confirmed to us as false by Jordan Robson Cramer.

There seems to be a rumour floating around that we’ll be doing a Spring tour, but unfortunately that’s not the case. I just wanted that to be clear so people wouldn’t be too disappointed.

Thanks, Jordan!

Nothing to do with Wolf Parade, but a whole lot to do with music


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We’ve just had some alarming news that one of our favourite artists is being forced to quit making music because he can’t afford to continue. Subtitle is the wonderful Montreal-based hip-hop artist that has close links to bands like The Unicorns / Islands. We figured since readers of this site are followers of the Montreal scene in general that this would be of interest to you.

From Subtitle’s MySpace page:

Thursday, March 08, 2007

nothing witty here but quitting

yup I’m a quitter.
after 4 months of struggling like mad
and hoping a tour would save my sorry flesh,
said tour got cancelled, which means my money for the
next 2 months went with it. I hope whoever has my passport
is dead. I can’t make a living in another country and my supergroup
randomizers is really a social club at this point. I hit up labels trying
to submit a DEMO for chrissakes! I’ve fallen pretty fall from grace, so it’s
a wrap. thanks to all the fans and thanks to all the people who liked
my music. If I can hold on to my laptop, I’ll make music for fun, but
otherwise fuck it, nothing is worth this much heartache. whatever happens to trunk bomb is news to me. I’m giving b.e.a.r. to nate and phil and……………

It’s incredible to think that someone of his talent is struggling to get going. We met him last year and he’s super-sweet in every way imaginable. Please take the time to listen to some tracks and if you like them; buy his records, spread the word and send him a nice card in the post or something.

Thanks to Karl for passing on the message.

Johnny and the Moon out October 24th

johnny and the moon

Kill Devil Hills have announced that Dante DeCaro’s side project, Johnny and the Moon, will release their self-titled debut album on October 24th 2006.

If it means anything to you, the tracklisting is as follows:

01. Green Rocky Road
02. Kid Heaven
03. The Ballad of Scarlet Town
04. Johnny and the Devil
05. When You’re All Alone
06. All Things Gonna Come Back Around
07. Little Red Cat
08. Oleanna
09. Scarlet Town pt. II
10. Tamed A Lion
11. When I Die

The prices are $12 (Canada), $12 (US) and $14 (International), you can order here.