Handsome Furs interview

Mocking Music has posted up an audio interview with Dan Boekner and Alexei Perry, you can can grab it here.

Last night I had the chance to speak with Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner and his fiance, Alexei Perry, about their new project, Handsome Furs. I met with the talented couple just after their fantastic show earlier that evening.

They talked about marriage, past and upcoming shows, friends, family and, of course, music. For the first time in Mocking Music history the interview is available for download as a podcast. This saves me the trouble of writing a transcript and allows you to hear it, unedited and unaltered. Everyone wins!

I had a blast speaking with them and I hope you enjoy listening to our little chat. As an added bonus, the interview was conducted on the Dominion Tavern’s patio. The local punk rock bar has a reputation as one of the city’s best drinking holes. Whoever can name the punk songs in the background gets a special prize. By “special prize” I mean my unwavering friendship and possibly a CD I don’t listen to anymore. It will most likely be the former.

Thanks to Jonathan for that.

Meanwhile, another Handsome Furs date has appeared on the schedule, refuting our last suggest that there would be no more until next year.

New band from Oakland, featuring former members of Themselves and cLOUDDEAD, plays tunes from new CD, for hero: for fool, with guest Handsome Furs, featuring Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade.

Oct. 3, doors 8 pm, Plaza Club (881 Granville, vancouver). Tix $15 (plus service charge) at Zulu, Scratch, and Red Cat Records, info www.subtle6.com/.

Thanks to Maria.