cancelled furs

I just got home after driving out to Providence for the first show of the tour. It appears that the entire east coast tour has been cancelled due to problems at the US border…from pfork:

U.S. Customs Denies Americans Handsome Furs
It’s those phoney disguises that gave them up

Three cheers for the United States, keeping freedom-hating, free-health-care-receiving heathens like Handsome Furs out of our beautiful land.

The Furs had six shows scheduled in the States this month– including one in Rhode Island tonight– and all of those are now canceled after the duo was denied entry into the country (suspected of smuggling pelts, no doubt).

A May 28 show at Montreal’s Club Lambi will go on as scheduled (being in Canada and all). Presuming they can get whatever mess they’re in settled– or sneak across the border (do it, guys!)– June gigs in L.A. and July gigs in Chicago (with Besnard Lakes) will also still occur as planned.

Nothing like a good border patrol smackdown to put a damper on this otherwise momentous day, which marks the release of Handsome Furs’ Sub Pop debut, Plague Park.