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New Mohawk Lodge (Feat. Dan Boeckner)-“Everybody’s On Fire”
The promo pile pulled a pleasant surprise last week with Wildfires, the forthcoming sophomore release from Vancouver-based outfit the Mohawk Lodge. The band’s calling this their “blue collar indie soul” record, and “Everybody’s On Fire” fits the bill, setting loose, group choruses/hollerbacks to a slow ‘n’ grooved-up swing, set for your local indie blues joint. “Indie” for a couple of reasons: the wah-wah’d arty guitar toward the end, and the guest vocalist’s credentials — one Dan Boeckner, hero of Handsome Furs/Wolf Parade fame. Noting Dan’s cameo was an afterthought (on first listen the mildly apathetic/cool swaggering vox sorta sounded like Julian Casabalancas. Still sorta does.), but it’s another reason to love Spencer Krug’s other lupine half.

There are 2 mp3’s up for download, both tracks feature a cameo by Dan.