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First I have to apologize for the lack of updates here…i’m currently on a cross country trip and finally found time to sit down and post…here’s some news for ya:

Sunset Rubdown just finished their north american tour a few days ago with their final show in Chicago. Fans who were at the show reported that the band will be recording another Daytrotter session very soon. Daytrotter’s Sean Moeller wrote in their recent weekly email that Sunset Rubdown would be “recording a never heard before new song – something to look very forward to”. Keep checking daytrotter.com for more info.

pictures from the Chicago show (thanks dissolve!)
pictures of the Victoria,BC show

In other Sunset Rubdown related news, it appears that Spencer, Jordan, and Mike of the band have contributed to a recent blog by Seattle based artist Trevor Basset. The current blog called Sea Monstre features drawing by each of sunrub http://huntervalleyweddingentertainment.com.au/buy-cialis-online/ guys. Basset has plans to make the drawings into a full zine by next year acording to the recent Pitchfork post about the project. Thanks to hammydigital and Tam of the forum for all the info.

Handsome Furs have just finished their european tour. Below are some videos and pictures from a few of the shows. Also, I just read on chromewaves that Handsome Furs “have a date scheduled for December 20 at Lee’s Palace”. There is no listing for this on ticketmaster yet and I’m not sure if this is just a one off show or what. Stay tuned for more info.

video from helsinki show
pictures from Prague show
pictures from Vienna show
pictures from Moscow show

In final news, Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, and Sunset Rubdown all made the list in the Hottest Canadian Bands 2007 edition. All 3 bands placed in the top 20, with sunrub and the furs making it in the top 10.