it’s all happening

Today something amazing happened, we finally got a taste of the new Wolf Parade record! Our many thanks go out to the lovely folks over at NPR’s All Songs Considered. The host of the show, Bob Boilen, posted on our forum that Wolf Parade would be featured on his show this week that aired previews of albums coming out this Spring. Even though the new record does not come out until June 17th, we were glad to hear the clip, even if it is only 1 minute long. Bob states that

“We are playing one minute of the song because that is the permission we have. We thank Sub Pop for allowing us to include Wolf Parade in our Spring 2008 look ahead show, since it is such an anticipated release. We will post the entire cut as soon as we have permission.”

Go HERE to listen to the one minute clip of ‘Call it a Ritual’. Thanks again Bob!