call it whatever you will

The full version of “Call it a Ritual” has now found its way to the internet via various blogs. Stereogum has it along with a small paragraph giving us some insight into the rest of the record.

The collection, recorded and engineered by drummer Arlen Thompson, feels more cohesive, less Dan said/Spencer said than Apologies. You needn’t look any further than catchy keyboard descending opener “Soldier’s Grin” to hear the the mind-meld in action. Also, the Dan-fronted songs are the best of his career (Keep the awesome “Language City” and “The Grey Estates” in mind for future loving). On top of the songwriting chops, the record’s vast: For instance, the 11-minute, Jonathan Carroll-referencing duet “Kissing the Beehive” is a spiraling, operatic epic that talks about holy grails, unleashing lines like “you held your cup in the air and you called it a guitar” before twisting into extended instrumental passages.