photo by: Clay Awsumb

Wolf Parade are currently in the middle of a 2 week mini tour of the US. Their stop in St Louis caused some rumors that guitarist Dante DeCaro was going to be leaving the band. A review of the show from the River Front Times was sent to me that had the band stating from the stage that the St Louis show would be the last time Dante would play with the band. This seemed odd to me, so before posting it here and causing unnecessary drama I contacted the band. They assured me that it was just a joke and Dante wasn’t going anywhere. So I posted this on our forum to share the news with the rest of the fans. I thought that would be the end of it, but the story created enough buzz that Pitchfork posted about it. Interesting. Dante is not leaving the band and you can read the full review of the St Louis show here. Wolf Parade have 4 shows left in the states before heading to Europe.

In other Wolf Parade news, it appears that Matt Moroz will be creating another video for the band. In a blog post to his site, Matt states “Upcoming videos for Blackout Beach and Wolf Parade in the next month.” Matt created the videos for I’ll believe in Anything and Shine a Light as well as album artwork for both Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown. Keep checking for more info. Thanks to Mike for the info.

Handsome Furs have added a one off show in Belgium. They’ve been invited to partake in a 3 day festival in Gent, Belgium dedicated entirely to Montreal Music. The festival, EtoilesPolaires Montréal, runs from December 3rd-6th. The festival will feature some of Montreal’s best acts like Elfin Saddle, Think About Life, Bon Iver, and many others. Handsome Furs perform on December 6th with Think About Life. Wolf Parade will also be there on December 4th. Go here for more info. Thanks to fredwau for the heads up. More Handsome Furs news to come with some details on the new record.