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Sorry for the delay folks, we were having some technical problems. The big news this week is the announcement of the second Swan Lake record entitled ‘Enemy Mine’. At this time there is no official word from Jagjaguwar about this release. Therefore, the unofficial release date is March 24th, 2009, and here is the unofficial tracklist:

1. Spanish Gold, 2044
2. Paper Lace
3. Heartswarm
4. Settle on Your Skin
5. Ballad of a Swan Lake, Or, Daniel’s Song
6. Peace
7. Spider
8. A Hand at Dusk
9. Warlock Psychologist

Here’s a post from Carey Mercer’s Blog about the cover art:

Enemy Mine: I think that it is the first time a band has ever used a “court painting” as a record cover. I bought this painting in Penticton, BC, where my wife Melanie grew up. It’s hot in the summer: you go to the lake, or you go to town and walk around the air-conditioned antique shops. There are lots of old people in Penticton. It has been an old person mecca for years, so the antique stores are a treasure trove of cool stuff. The above painting was hanging on a wall beside a portrait of Prince Charles. I only had twenty-five dollars. Both paintings were priced at fourty-five dollars. I love Prince Charles–he’s so regal and handsome. But I also love stories, and mysteries, and this painting has a lot of mystery. I talked the proprietor down to twenty-five dollars. I am still waiting on compensation from the rest of the band and the label for my expense, despite several stern emails and legal warnings. I love the way that no one is looking at each other. Post-Script: The back cover is a photograph of a court-room in Prague by Vancouver photographer Chris Frey. It’s quite beautiful and nebulous.

In our last post, we stated that the release date for the new Handsome Furs record, Face Control had been pushed back to March 10th, 2009. According to a reliable source, the reason for the push back is rather interesting. It seems that the Furs have referenced a New Order song in the track ‘All We Want, Baby, Is Everything’ (aka Heaven). In order to use the reference, the band needed to legally clear it with New Order. This took some time to do and caused the release to be pushed back. The Furs have also added a new tour date to their current European tour with more tour dates on the way. To see a full list of Handsome Fur’s tour dates, check their tour dates section.