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Sorry for the delay folks, just a bit of technical difficulty. Over the weekend I contacted a few blogs to get the word out about the Swan Lake petition. You can read about it at BrooklynVegan, CBC Radio 3, Exclaim, Trendwhore, and a bunch of others. Thank you so much to all the blogs, here’s hoping we can get to 1000 signatures in the next few weeks.

Stereogum.com recently spoke with Spencer Krug about the myriad of projects he’s working on, including the upcoming Sunset Rubdown record:

Right now he’s editing songs and doing some re-recording at his home, and says the record will be done by the end of this month (just in time for his vacation in Mexico). Perhaps to avoid the “second guessing” he thinks had a negative effect on Random Spirit Lover, Krug and the rest of Sunset Rubdown recorded all the instruments live “on the floor.” “I like these diazepam 10 mg suppository https://sdarcwellness.com/buy-premarin-online/ where to buy kinds of recordings because they’re very honest and it’s hard to pretend that you sound any different from whatever it is,” he says. He’s also recorded two songs (“Insane Love Awakening” and “Coming To At Dawn”) for a friend’s 7″ series, to be released whenever his friend wants to. He expects the Sunset Rubdown record out in early summer. After that album, he’s planning another, more idiosyncratic record that he’s been working on for two years: an EP of marimba and drum songs. “[It’s] an instrument that I’ve always liked, but I’ve never had the patience to bring on the road or even try recording,” he says. “I don’t think it’s the coolest move for my ‘street cred,’ but it’s a beautiful sounding instrument, what can I say?”

New Handsome Furs tour dates:

03-06 Mercury Lounge NYC (tickets on sale 1/30 @ 12 noon)
03-20 SXSW Insound Party
04-08 Cargo London, UK
04-10 Motel Mozaique Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands
04-11 La Maroquinerie Paris
04-12 Domino Festival Brussels