Modern Songwriters

I can’t believe I forgot to post this, but I guess it’s better late than never. Carey Mercer recently posted to his blog a rather detailed (and hysterical) description of what went on during the recording process of Enemy Mine. Here’s just a small taste, you can read the full post here.

We did a second round of singing and plinking in Vancouver, at JC/DC studio, in April 2008. I felt comfortable there. I had one great experience at JC/DC. Let me write it down if I can. Dan was off reading Paul Reiser’s Fatherhood, or grabbing a pizza, and Spencer was in the singing room. JC and DC were out of town. So, on this day, I was without qualification the master of the control room.

I was rolling around the floor, rolling in freedom, rolling because the control chair has wheels. I had my feet up on the computer like Spider-man’s boss. I was in charge. We were working on one of Dan’s songs—I think it’s called “Ballad of a Swan Lake”. The last two minutes of the song is chiefly Spencer and I wailing “I sat down / and took a number / at the table where / death resides”

What a beautiful line. It’s courageous, and noir, and of course very funny. I walked around for months softly singing this song this one line: it puts a lilt in my step. I felt lucky.