Furs Furs Furs


In case you haven’t been paying attention, Handsome Furs have a new record coming out. In our last post we told you about all the different deals you can get when pre-order Face Control. I failed to mention that Insound.com is also offering the same live CDR as
Sub Pop. Thanks to Greg at Three Colors for the info!
Here are the details:

Handsome Furs Live at Neumos EP (4/19/08) Seattle, WA

1. “All We Want, Baby, Is Everything”
2. “Officer of Hearts”
3. “Legal Tender”
4. “Radio Kaliningrad”

Handsome Furs went to Bologna, Italy last month. While there they did an interview with Maps at Radio Metropolitana. Listen to the interview here.

In somewhat related Wolf Parade news, Dan spoke to NYC local paper Chelsea Now:

In the two years that the band has been in existence, Handsome Furs has been very productive. They’ve put out an album a year, and they’ve already got six songs for the next album. There’s also Boeckner’s other band, Wolf Parade, to consider. He and the boys will get together in October to work on their third album.

Sounds good to me! Thanks to Username880 for the heads up.