photo cred: braidkid

Pitchfork posted a fun little interview with members at Sunset Rubdown. You can read it here. Here’s my favorite part:

Best thing I Did This Year

Spencer: Hung out in Mexico for three weeks with my 2-year-old nephew. He called me “Uncle Panther” the whole time– a good name. I watched him slowly get over his fear of water and then splash around in the waves giggling– classic stuff. And he loves music, so I showed him the new Sunset Rubdown record. He was the first in my family to hear it. More importantly, it was the first time he’d ever worn headphones, and the look on his face was what I imagine mine would be if I got that call from Wes Anderson. Can anyone remember the first time they heard music on headphones? It must have been so trippy.

Camilla: Go to Mexico for the first time. I saw lizards.

Michael: Winning the 2008 World Telekinesis Championship with the Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club.

Handsome Furs began the next leg of their North American tour today in Detroit at the Comerica Cityfest. For a full list of tour dates, go here.

Also remember that on July 7th the short list Polaris Music Prize nominees are announced. Keep your fingers crossed for both Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs!