Handsome Furs mourn the loss of Jay Reatard

We are enormous fans of Jay Reatard’s work. Selfishly we are sorely disturbed that this is all we will receive from him. I am in shock. Our love goes out to those who new the man behind the music we are so thankful for.
Dan & Alexei

Below is the entry Dan wrote for Pitchfork’s Decade End list. Truly, we considered him one of our best contemporaries.

Jay Reatard/Lost Sounds
Wolf Parade played a show at The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle 4 years ago and Lost Sounds were opening. I remember first being nervous that people from our record label made up about half the audience. Then I watched the Lost Sounds and they were so good that I became REALLY nervous that we, Wolf Parade, sucked. Then the Ohio votes were tabulated between sets. The crowd watched on the television set by the bar. Half of them left. It was one of the worst shows I’ve ever played but definitely one of the best I’ve ever seen. A few years later, Blood Visions became the tour and “debauchery-at-home” soundtrack for me and Alexei. The brevity, sharpness and, sheer immediacy of the songs for me cleared the cobwebs out from a handful of years of popular underground music that DEMANDED YOU KNOW HOW VERY, VERY INTELLIGENT IT WAS. That album reminded me of why I started liking rock music in the first place. Also the entire current line up of his band are completely bizarre looking, slightly overweight men. As a bizarre looking emaciated man, this is very encouraging and satisfying.