Dragon’s Lair


Here is the brand new video for Sunset Rubdown’s ‘Dragon’s Lair’ off their latest record Dragonslayer. More info from Jagjaguwar:

Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, it’s time for a bigger kind of kill.

The skilled visionary that goes by Throneboogie has crafted another gorgeous video interpretation from Sunset Rubdown’s last record, Dragonslayer. The song is “Dragon’s can u buy viagra https://sdarcwellness.com/ambien-zolpidem-online-10-mg/ over the counter Lair,” and the video follows a young female warrior who is not a widow. Yet.

“Dragon’s Lair” was directed, written and produced by Throneboogie
Cinematography by Bobby Shore
Starring Jessica Dixon and Kendra Malia

Also check out this great interview with Johnny Depp where he sites Sunset Rubdown as the inspiration for his role in the new Alice in Wonderland film.