Double Album??

New information about the yet to be titled 3rd Wolf Parade record has surfaced. Thanks to the folks at Exclaim we now have some very interesting news to report! First, the new record might be a double LP! Also, Wolf Parade will be putting out a 7″ single prior to the release of the new record. The article states, according to Sub Pop, that the new record could possibly be released on June 29th. Dan spoke to Exclaim about how the record was put together:

“Everyone’s been working on it for 12 hours a day, seven days a week for the last two weeks,” he explains. “We ended up recording, I think, 15 songs, over 80 minutes of music, and we don’t really know now whether we’re going to put out an LP or a double album. If we did an LP maybe we’d do an LP and an EP, because we want to put all of the songs out. There were no songs that we recorded where everyone was like, ‘Oh, that’s a dud.”

Dan also mentions the titles to two of the new tracks. The first being ‘Caveosapian’ which Dan says “It’s kind of an uptempo rager that Spencer sings that you could imagine people doing — you know the Archie Comics when people are dancing? That kind of dance.” The second song, ‘Yulia’, Dan says “I kind of get obsessed with cosmonauts, and specifically lost cosmonauts — cosmonauts that are still dead and floating in space. So the song is kind of a love letter to a cosmonaut’s life. I’m pretty happy with that. It’s got a bit of a Righteous Brothers feel to it.”

Dan also mentions thatHandsome Furs may have a new record out by Spring 2011 and that he will be singing and playing guitar with Spoon when they play Radio City Music Hall on April 26th!