In five days Wolf Parade will play their first show in two years! Talking to Quebec’s Le Soleil, Dan says the band will perform SIX brand new songs on their mini tour of Canada.

(from translation) “Early in this group, we tried to insert in our performance of compositions that the public does not know,” says Boeckner. “And this is one of the things I like about Wolf Parade: we’re going to play six pieces of an album that nobody has ever heard!”

Thanks to Mathieu (Montreal) from the forum for posting this article. Wolf Parade play Imperial de Quebec on Friday April 1st. I will be at this show, so check back here for reviews and photos!

Also, a few of you have emailed me asking if any other European shows will be postponed, due to the recent rescheduling of the London show. I’ve been told that no other shows will be affected. If you have any questions you can always email me at