Photo by: Meqo Sam Cecil

Sub Pop posted the brand new band Bio for EXPO 86 along with 3 new promo photos. Here’s my favorite part:

So for this 3rd record, still (STILL!) on Sub Pop, Wolf Parade wanted to move fast. They made a plan: “If we take a one year hiatus, “ they said, “Then all our musical ideas will get crammed and swollen up in our brain-holders, so that http://www.minale.com.au/buy-viagra-sildenafil-online/ when we start jamming again, after such a long time, we can LITERALLY just PUKE THE SONGS RIGHT OUT OF OUR HEADS, RIGHT ONTO OUR INSTRUMENTS!” Everyone clapped and nodded in agreement. “And also,” they said, “by that time, people will have ALMOST forgotten about us, so we’ll have no choice but to puke QUICKLY! HOORAY!”

EXPO 86 is out on June 29th!