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You can now pre-order EXPO 86 from Sub Pop as well as Insound and If you pre-order with Insound now you will receive this limited edition 11″x17″ poster (while supplies last):

Wolf Parade have just finished their month long tour of Europe and we’ve found some interesting interviews and reviews to share. The first video is an interview with Dan where he mentions the following in regards to the possibility of a Wolf Parade EP:

(the record) is under one hour so it’s 2 vinyl but 1 CD. Then we have three songs left over, which it’s not like we didn’t like them any less than the songs on the record, it’s just that they fit differently. So we put them together on a 7″. I wanna maybe do a Itunes download where you download it and they mail you the 7″.

Sounds exciting! Stay turned for more news on that. Dan also mentions that Handsome Furs are currently working on an EP as well!

Interview with Dan – Ljubljana, Slovenia

RŠ INTERVJU: WOLF PARADE from RTV Študent on Vimeo.

Interview with Arlen and Dan plus video from the show in Ljubljana

Review of show in Dublin, Ireland

Review of the show in Milan, Italy (translated)