The Good and the Bad

Handsome Furs have some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the good news, Handsome Furs will be playing a show in Toronto on June 23rd! Here’s a message from Alexei over at

At the very last minute – thanks to our kindest booking agent and our lovely promoter friend – we have been able to secure a show in Toronto at Lee’s Palace on June 23rd. Happy Birthday to me. We know it’s summer and you all have cool shows to go to but we wanted to make up for these recent cancellations in some way. As I’ve said, there is nothing more we’d rather do with our lives than play music. So if you can squeeze us into your holidays some how, we’d love to see you there. xo

And now the bad news, Handsome Furs will not be performing in Bogota, Columbia next week. Here’s another message from Alexei:

This is truly heart breaking news. Those that know us know that the thing Handsome Furs love most in life is playing shows so this news has my heart snagged as if chomped at by a really really vicious demon – and not the kind I like. And I like most kinds.


But here it is: though we worked our damnedest with the promoter, things are a little queasy politically down in Bogota so we are going to have to reschedule our much much anticipated Colombian show. We tried everything but it just seems like we can’t control world politics yet. I am absurdly unhappy about this. I have been so excited for this one so I feel just horrible that we can’t make it happen. I am so deeply sorry to any fans who were planning to come and I promise we will definitely make our way there the very minute we next can. This is the worst bummer. I’m so sorry all.