More Pre-Order Info

Sub Pop sent out an email the other day with some more details about their pre-order for EXPO 86:

We here at Sub Pop have decided to celebrate (Wolf Parade’s) achievement by issuing a set of limited-edition Wolf Parade magnets (and also trying to sell, to you we hope, a staggering number of copies of EXPO 86. If you pre-order EXPO 86 on CD or gate-fold, double-LP (with digital download code), you’ll receive, for free, a set of two handsome magnets featuring art from the new record (btw, we only have 600 of these magnet sets to give away, so order now!)

Rest assured: these magnetic decorations will make all of your other fridge magnets look like crap. That’s how good this magnet set looks. The short version of the preceding: this third Wolf Parade record is their best yet, you should buy it, and if you pre-order it from us, you will receive it, along with a set of two highly-desirable, sure-to-one-day-be-collectible Wolf Parade magnets, a couple stickers, and a link to stream EXPO 86 the instant you order so you don’t have to wait for your CD or double-LP to arrive to hear EXPO 86 in its entire entirety.

Pre-Order now from Sub Pop!!