Down Under in 2011

Looks like it’s official, Wolf Parade will be heading to Australia in January of 2011! Here’s a report from Australian website The Vine, who recently spoke with Dan:

During our chat today with Wolf Parade co-frontman Dan Boeckner, the singer confirmed that the Canadian band are on their way to Australia early next year.

Are you planning on coming to Australia any time soon?

Yes, actually. We are going to come to Australia – barring any sort’ve unforseen tragedy – in January of 2011. And we’re just trying to figure out what dates make the most sense for us right now. I think it’s going to be like starting on the 26th of January. I’m really excited to come back. If we do that I’ll have my birthday in Perth, so what better place to spend your birthday.

Will you be playing with a festival when you come down?

Well that was the big thing we talked about, like I don’t wanna just do festivals. I don’t want to come down and just play at a big beery festival. So we’re trying to split it between festivals and club shows. Which is something I was really adamant about with Handsome Furs. Not touring the Big Day Out or something like that, you know? Like coming down with the Furs and doing all those club shows was great! So we want to try and do a similar thing with Wolf Parade.

During our long chat with Boeckner, we covered the recording process for the band’s new record Expo 86, the influence of embracing new member Dante DeCaro and the weirdness during the few years for the band leading up to the new record:

It was a weird couple of years for us. [Second album] …Mt. Zoomer was not as critically acclaimed as [debut] Apologies to the Queen Mary, but at the same time our audience – when we were touring that record – tripled in size. From when we were touring Apologies…. Which was bizzarre, to us. So we were going through that and we also lost Hadji a couple of years ago [multi-instrumentalist Hadji Bakara left the band to concentrate on studies]. Which was kind’ve a long drawn out process and not fun for anybody in the band. But once all the dust settled, we did a European tour in Winter 2008 as just a four piece and it felt really good. And at that point we were like ‘we may as well take a year off now and do our own thing, then come back and make a really good record’ (laughs).

You can now read the entire interview with Dan here.