Handsome Furs News

If you haven’t checked already, Alexei has updated HandsomeFurs.com with a few news items. The first is about this fantastic painting above created by Caroline Jean.

The works of Caroline Jean are being exhibited at
Divan Orange and we are pleased to announce we are featured in one of her pieces! Go check for yourselves: Divan Orange 4234 boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC. The show runs until September 27th and there is more information on her facebook about the event HERE.

If you’re interested in the clothes Alexei and Dan where, you need to check out their friends over at the clothing line CTRL. Based in Finland, CTRL create fun, chic, wearable, and affordable clothes. Check out their worldwide store at: http://www.ctrlclothing.com/store/

The best bit of news today is that Handsome Furs have another brand new song up on YouTube called “Repatriated”. Performed at the Baybeats Festival last month! You can now watch their full set from the fest over at Live4MusiC.com.sg’s YouTube Channel.