Moonface gets busy

Just got some news from Moonface. It appears that the dream forum at was accidentally deleted and thus all the dreams posted were lost. So Mr. Moonface is asking for people to return to the dream forum and share their dreams. The message also states that Mr. Moonface is planning to “get busy” in 2011 and release some music on his site. Sounds good to me.

Hey all.

If you’re getting this, it’s because you’re on the Moonface mailing list.

The Moonface website recently had an unexpected and unexplained problem, in which all of the dreams that many of you submitted to the Dream Forum suddenly disappeared.

Maybe  this was the work of a dream-hating hacker, or maybe all the dreams canceled each other out, like ghostbusters who have crossed their streams or a pit of snakes swallowing each others tails. Or there were just too many dreams, and the weight of them began to shift and move and then flow into conflicting dream-streams that eventually swirled into a giant dream-whirlpool that just spun away down the inter-drain.
Bur probably the internet broke. The internet is always breaking. It is, after all, just a series of tubes and pipes. 

So I am writing to say that if you have submitted in the past, and your dream was lost, I apologize, on behalf of the internet. Maybe your dream submission is in your personal records somewhere, and you can resubmit. Please resubmit. That’s the real reason I’m writing. All those random and fascinating stranger-dreams mingling together in one spot was so cool. Maybe we can build it up again – if you have the energy, that is. I know winter is coming and you need to save your strength (except for you, Australia. We all know you’re on the verge of summer… we all know you’re different.)

However, if you do have the time and energy, I believe the site is working again, and I would love to see part two. Hopefully this time your dreams will stick.

Other than that, I’ll just say that Moonface will be getting busy in 2011, so keep your ears peeled for new music. If all goes to plan, it’ll be posted on the website for download before it goes anywhere else.

Until then, be good,
and thanks.