Happy New Year from Spencer

Last month this site turned 5 years old. To celebrate, the Wolf Parade guys agreed to answer 5 questions from all of you. We collected the questions, shipped them off, and now they have returned.

Here is our New Year’s gift to you! 5 questions with Spencer Krug:

1. What are some of your musical inspirations? Why is it that you stuck with playing keyboards, and are there any keyboardists that you find influential? Additionally, do you have any inspiration from world music, or orchestral works (for example, romantic era composers)?

Here’s what I think about inspiration.

Last week I went to see Tron (obviously). I thought Daft Punk’s soundtrack was fantastic. Easily as good as Jeff Bridge’s performance of a tripped-out baby-boomer trapped in a computer learning Zen principles. But I didn’t go see that movie because I like Daft Punk. I don’t follow buy alprazolam 8 mg Daft Punk, so I had no idea they were doing the soundtrack, and wasn’t expecting to hear anything special that night. It was a surprise. I think most music that I like nowadays, or that I find inspiring, comes to me randomly, and in the form of a surprise. It’s as though I forget how much I like music – or even convince myself that I hate music, in general – until I hear some random thing that excites me, and then I remember how awesome that feeling is; that kind of actual listening; physically experiencing the thing, absorbing it purely, outside of any cultural context. And that feeling in and of itself is what’s inspiring. That, and knowing that it can exist. The music itself, the specifics of it, become secondary.

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