Handsome Furs take Chicago

Photo Cred: Craig Shimala

Handsome Furs took Chicago by storm on Saturday with a sold out show at Lincoln Hall. The duo performed as part of the Tomorrow Never Knows Festival. You can read a really great review of their performance on Spinner.com. They had this to say about the set which was chock full of brand new tracks:

The Furs opened with a brand new song, which featured skittering beats, electro tinges, heavy vibrations and early ’80s influences. Over half of their set was comprised of new ones, some with just keys and the drum machine, and others with the guitar added. Before they performed a song they wrote just a few days ago, they confessed they hadn’t played it all the way through yet and felt “terrified” to use the audience as “guinea pigs” — but they nailed it. Another new one, ‘Bury Me Standing,’ continued the electro theme, while a song they’ve been playing live since 2009, ‘Agony,’ generated booming effects and major hair whipping.

You can also read an amazingly in-depth interview with Dan and Alexei over at Gonzo Chicago. Here’s my favorite part:

Is the new record inspired by a certain location

: Not one. Definitely from a lot of the traveling in the last year. as we were going through songs yesterday, I was like “is there any one of these songs that isn’t about a certain city, or about a certain experience we had in that city?” … it’s very spread out. some of it’s, you know, Belgrade, and Singapore, and not about any one specific area.

Dan : There’s not a lot of love songs, it’s not like personal, sort of “feeling-songs” in the record. I think touring in Asia and China shaped the sound of the record, we ended up using a lot of our keyboards, everythings slightly faster, a lot of sparkly digital sounds..(laughter) …it sounds ridiculous but it’s true, I’m not lying when i say it’s sparkly digital sounds, but I mean that was definitely influenced by being in these giant mega-opolis’ that never, ever stop. The traffic never stops, there’s always people on the street. There’s noise coming from every available corner, you now it’s just blasting some sort of Cantonese pop music…. Alexei (quickly) : the things that come through are the sparkly bits. Dan : through a busted speaker, you know, or somebodies skipping CD where a guy is selling jewelry on the corner. We did a lot of field recordings, and just listened to them back, so we could say “this should sound like this” …whether or not people pick up on it….

Alexei : no! people will never know! (laughs)

Stay tuned for videos from their set at Lincoln Hall!