Hear the new Moonface now!

The new Moonface record ‘Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped’ is now available for pre-order from Jagjaguwar through SC Distribution. All pre-orders come with an instant digital download of the whole album! So pre-order your copy now! The record is officially out on August 2nd.

Moonface has a new song up for instant download called ‘The Way You Wish You Could Live In The Storm’ over at Moonface.ca. Here’s his description of the song:

Here, take this. It’s a song that was cut from the record – an angry duck that didn’t get along with the other songs on the Organ Music LP. That is not to say it’s a bad song (though not to say it’s a good https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-klonopin-online-2-mg/ song, either), it’s just something I made that I don’t know what to do with. It’s more techno, or something, than the rest of the Organ Music LP. Less silky. But still, I thought it was worth sharing, for anyone who cares. It’s more than a pile of wet leaves. Maybe it’s something you can listen to while you do the dishes, or draw, or teach your baby to dance. So if you’re inclined, click on the link provided here and do with it what you will. The actual album, Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped, is due out August 2nd, as planned, and that one I will demand your love for.

everyone and anyone,
for caring enough to get even this far.