Blackout Beach

I am a huge fan of Carey Mercer and all the various projects he’s involved in. He’s just released ‘Fuck Death’ the latest record from his solo project, Blackout Beach. You can listen to a stream of the entire record over at Spin. Order the new record now directly from Dead Oceans and check out his older releases over at Soft Abuse. Also check out releases from Carey’s other projects: Frog Eyes (on Absolutely Kosher and Dead Oceans) and Swan Lake (on Jagjaguwar).

Beautiful Burning Desire
Torchlights Banned
Deserter’s Son
Be Forewarnded, The Night Has Come
Hornet’s Fury Into The Bandit’s Mouth
Drowning Pigs
Broken Braying of the Donkey’s Cry
Sending Postcards to a Ghost

You can download two of the new tracks now at Pitchfork.