Alexei’s Top 10 of 2011

Every year Sub Pop asks some of their artists to do a top 10 list of music or events that shaped their year. You can read all of the lists over at Here’s Alexei’s:

Top “Ten” Great Things From 2011 In No Particular Order

Number one: Belgrade Punk band Repetitor’s debut album Sve Sto Vidim Je Prvi Put

Number two: Making out on a docked Ukranian gun ship/venue in Budapest prior to stage time

Number three: Crossing eight borders in sixteen hours touring through the Balkans with Bernays Propaganda

Number four: Terreneo Festival in Sibenik

Number five: Martinis in a can at 3am on day off in post-recession deserted Reno Nevada

Number six: Sweatiest backstage wardrobe change in chapel of First Unitarian church with Thee Satisfaction

Number seven: Onstage vs frontrow full frontal nudity at a squat show in Berlin

Number eight: PDX police bust us during “fake raping” of “What About Us?” director Scott Coffey

Number nine: Encore at Neumos in Seattle the band grows exponentially to include Suuns and Talk Demonic

Number ten: Four minute crowd surf at Palaty Kulturana in Warzaw

Number eleven: PJ Harvey sighting at show in London

Number twelve: After thirty minute “interrogation” by Swedish narcotics officers, realizing that merely raising your voice is an effective way to avoid a trip to the police station in Scandinavia

Number thirteen: The dingy that transported our uninsured gear to our show at Beach buy diazepam 6mg number five in Lake Ohrid Macedonia (plus naked nightswimming afterwards!)

Number fourteen: The amazing young man who came out to his parents immediately before coming to our show in Boston and then danced harder than anyone in attendance

Number fifteen: Our tour manager eerily and robotically being able to sing every single word of every single song played on XM radio’s Back Spin… “She’s so fly she’ll drive you right out of your mind. Steal your heart when your blind. You’ll fall in love and you’ll be screaming dreaming. Never trust a big butt and a smile. That girl is poison.”

Number sixteen: The fact that Prince Hubertus is a real person and we met him and his shinily bejeweled and wildly patterned crew in the sketchiest back alley of East Hastings where a junkie was practicing his knife throwing skills at a telephone pole

Number seventeen: Epic Lord of the Rings style mushroom picking adventure followed by day long smoke sauna in the Finnish countryside

Number eighteen: Crazy ass May Day party in the hills above Sarejevo featuring live band on tiny porch and entire roast lamb

Number nineteen: Performing as punk rock karaoke super group with No Age after packed secret show in the basement of an Albanian restaurant in Skopje. Karaoke band begins covers of Black Flag, CCR, Bob Dylan and others four hours after show had officially ended.