Wolf Parade Bootleg

Recently one of the long time members of the forum, Mike, posted what appears to be the oldest known Wolf Parade bootleg.

From Snakesgotablog:

Recently, as in very very late last night, I stumbled upon a live Wolf Parade recording more than ten months older than the 31 live Wolf Parade recordings I already had. This recording is from a tour in which Wolf Parade opened for Modest Mouse and The Walkmen in a place called the Rostraver Ice Garden south of Pittsburgh. They played ten songs, two of which had never been recorded live (as far as I know), Killing Armies and Same Ghost Every Night. (Same http://huntervalleyweddingentertainment.com.au/buy-generic-viagra-online/ Ghost Every Night was recorded three months later in a CBC Radio Session, but I believe that is different than a true live show.) Special thanks to Ryan Schwartz for recording and sharing the show.

Wolf Parade
August 10, 2004
The Rostraver Ice Garden,
Rostraver, PA

01. Intro
02. Day In The Life (Atlas Strategic track)
03. We Built Another World
04. Disco Sheets
05. Shine A Light
06. Killing Armies
07. It’s A Curse
08. Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts
09. Same Ghost Every Night
10. Grounds For Divorce
11. This Heart’s On Fire

If you would like to listen to this recording instead of just reading about it, links follow:
V0 MP3s 72.8 mb click here.
FLACs locally hosted here and for a Dimeadozen torrent, here.