Two Tonne Bowlers

So last week we were told about this video that surfaced of Spencer Krug in his first band Two Tonne Bowlers. He talked about TTB when he answered our 5 Questions last year:

4. Can you tell us more about your time in Two Tonne Bowlers? How did the band come together?

First off, that band was undeniably terrible, but I was a teenager at the time, and therefore exempt in all mistakes made in the experimental worlds of art, love, and substance abuse, just as every teenager should be. That said, I’ll never forgive Carey “The Snitch” Mercer. Loose lips sink ships, and now, everybody, there will never be another Swan Lake record.

Two Tonne Bowlers started when I was fifteen or sixteen, and ended sometime between then and grade 12. We were nerds, so the high school band department had no problem giving us the keys to the band-room to use as a rehearsal space. There were eight of us to start, but at some buy cheap cialis professional online point we kicked out the saxophone player for being too good. He went on to Berkley to study jazz. Looking back, that was probably the smartest thing we ever did, even though he was pretty cool in his own right. He could play Stairway to Heaven on his alto sax.

We played some shows around BC, mostly in Penticton, our home town. One day we played a show in Nelson opening for a band from Vancouver called the Smugglers. They liked us. They had ties to Nardwuar the Human Serviette, singer for a band called Thee Evaporators, and he brought us to Vancouver to open for them, as well as a cool band called Carp. It was on Hastings street somewhere. I think the place is a weed cafe now. That was probably our biggest show, and maybe the last… I have a terrible memory but I doubt if we ever played more than fifteen shows.

Check out a 17 year old Spencer rocking out on keyboards: