Divine Fits add a new show!

Tomorrow is the day, the very first live show for Divine Fits. The show will take place at Beerland in Austin, Texas. Today also marks the official release of ‘My Love is Real’ 7″. One lucky fan tweeted that she found one of the 10 golden tickets in her purchase today from Waterloo Records!

The band also tweeted today that they’ve added a show in Salt Lake City, https://www.twopointzero.com.au/generic-viagra-online/ Utah on August 9th at Pinoeer Park with Austra! Divine Fits are taking over for Passion Pit who had to cancel. Tickets are only and on sale now at http://www.24tix.com

And finally, check out this great 30 second clip of Divine Fits recording filmed by Banner Gwin. It includes a brand new 30 second clip of a song from the forthcoming record ‘A Thing Called Divine Fits’. Check it out here: http://www.bannergwin.com/divinefits.html