Taking a Break

Hey everyone,

As you all know I’ve been running this site for over 7 years now. I strive to always post the latest news as quick as possible. Some of you might also know that I was the tour manager for Handsome Furs. I’m now the tour manager for Diamond Rings and we’re heading out on a major tour for a while. Therefore this site is going to take a break for a little while.

There are a few things coming up though. Divine Fits are about to head out on a proper tour so check the tour dates page to see where they’re headed. I’m assuming they will do more TV appearances. Also their music video will probably be released soon. I’ll post those things if times allows.

Handsome Furs are shortlisted for the Polaris Prize this year. The awards gala is Monday September 24th in Toronto. If you’re Canadian then you can watch a webcast of the event live at MuchMusic.com.

Moonface just finished a West Coast tour tonight in LA. Check the forum for reviews.

I’ll still be checking in on the forum of course, so stop by and leave me message.