Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! Here’s a big update on all things Divine Fits and Moonface:

Divine Fits rung in the new year right with two sold out shows supporting The Black Keys at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Check out a review and photos at larecord.com.

Here are a few videos posted while I was away. The first is from when Divine Fits performed at the Moog Fest in September, the second is from an in-studio performance for KEXP:

Divine Fits have added a one off show in Honolulu, Hawaii on February 11th. Tickets are on sale here

Britt Daniel took part in a ‘Ask Me Anything’ chat on Reddit. You can read the full transcript here

As for the new year, Divine Fits will be touring on and off. Starting with shows in Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia in January. I predict they’ll play most of the major festivals in 2013.


Moonface had photographer Tero Ahonen with them in September when they toured the West Coast. Check out his photos of the tour here.

Moonface with Sinai covered Unchained Melody during their West Coast tour in September. Here’s a live video from their show in Los Angeles at The Echo:

Here’s a great live video of ‘Headed for the Door” from their show at The Cellar Door in Visalia, CA:

Emilie Friedlander of The Fader Magazine wrote a great article called
‘A Year in Music’
where she mentions touring with Moonface. Here’s an excerpt:

Spencer, who was no stranger to the art of musical seduction, was still going strong after all of these years, and you could tell from the way that he tucked his hair behind his ears and beat a tambourine against his chest that he was willing to work hard for his audience. Siinai was, too, and I think my favorite part about listening to Heartbreaking Bravery, night after night, was anticipating a particular guitar wail or drum fill at a particular moment in a song, and then hearing them nail it, but in a different way each time. Idioms come in and out of fashion, but Moonface and Sinaii reminded me of the power of music that is simply very well done. In a larger sense, it reminded me that while us listeners can have a pretty short attention span these days, most albums worth listening to are the product of persistence and careful effort, and they continue to yield rewards for as long as we persist in listening to them.

Not sure what we’ll hear from Moonface in 2013. Here’s hoping Spencer is holed up somewhere writing another epic record.