Wolf Parade – 10 Year Anniversary Week!

While the actual 10 year anniversary of the birth of Wolf Parade took place earlier this year (March), I have decided to celebrate now. In this week leading up to American Thanksgiving, we give thanks to the band Wolf Parade and celebrate their first year as a band.

In March of 2003, Wolf Parade was born. Each day this week I’ll be posting excerpts from my discussion with Dan Boeckner about that very year, the truth about how the band came to be, and the details surrounding the recording of their first self titled 4 song EP. Hopefully I’ll post thoughts from other surprise sources as well.

We begin at the beginning. In Victoria, British Columbia, Canada…


Part 1:

Spencer and I worked in this kitchen together in Victoria called The Bent Mast. That’s how we kinda met. It was 2001, I was playing in Atlas Strategic, and we had just gotten back from playing an aborted tour with Modest Mouse. 9/11 had just happened and we played 2 or 3 shows and then the rest of the tour got cancelled. I was working in this shit hole with Spencer, this restaurant called The Bent Mast, which was like a pub with pretty awful food and Spencer was working there. Spencer and a couple of his friends from the interior BC (Spencer’s hometown being Penticton, British Columbia) Jeff Allport who played drums in Atlas Strategic, and Kenny Ru. Jeff and Spencer were in a ska band (Two Tonne Bowlers) together. So Spencer was part of this group of kids who grew up together and he was playing in Frog Eyes with Carey Mercer, and we got to be friends. I think Frog Eyes played a few shows with Atlas Strategic. Then Spencer moved to Montreal. I think Atlas Strategic played his going away party. I moved out to Montreal shortly after him. I think he’d been there for like 8 months or something. I had kinda had it with Victoria, my mom had passed away so I just moved out to Montreal. As soon as I got there Spencer and I started hanging out and we decided we should start playing music together.

Stay tuned throughout this week for more from Dan about the beginning of Wolf Parade!!