Wolf Parade 10 Year Anniversary Week


The celebration continues with part 3 of my discussion with Dan Boeckner about the first year in the life of Wolf Parade.

We wrote Modern World and Dinner Bells and ended up recording the EP at Spencer’s house and we did some work on it at Arlen’s place. Modern World we used a drum machine on, a version of a Casio SK1 with 3 set drum accompaniment on it. When we would play that song live, Arlen would play the SK1 from behind the kit and basically just press play and do the fills and play keyboards. Spencer would play keyboards and I’d play guitar. So we were basically drum machine, keyboards, synth, and guitar. It was funny to me, when Handsome Furs started, how surprised people where that there was a drum machine and synthesizers on our first record. Wolf Parade, right up until the first record, was predominantly analog synth, guitar, drum machine, and no bass. All the bass were these deep analog bass parts that Spencer was playing with his left hand on the Jupiter.

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