Operators – Last night in Columbus

Last night Dan Boeckner’s new band, Operators, played their second show ever at Double Happiness in Columbus,Ohio.

Update: Apparently Chris Deville from Stereogum was in attendance, here’s his review:

“…that’s how Brown ended up with Boeckner and their bandmate Devojka crashing at his home in Columbus, preparing to record a debut EP in his basement, and playing a tiny club show Thursday night at the very small, very dark Double Happiness. Like I said, it’s weird how these things play out.

Also weird was seeing this configuration of musicians with nary a guitar in sight, but that’s 2013 indie rock for you. Instead, Boeckner and Devojka huddled around a table packed out with plentiful keyboards and sundry other electronic equipment while Brown held it down at his drum kit as ever. When word of this project first broke around Coachella time, Boeckner promised guitars and a distinct Fugazi influence, but Operators never once resembled Fugazi’s righteously antagonistic post-hardcore Thursday night. This was dance-pop, buy yellow https://www.newlinecarpets.com.au/buy-generic-viagra-online/ alprazolam r039 online pure and simple — hard-hitting dance-pop, but dance-pop nonetheless.

As such, Boeckner’s other name-checked influence, New Order, was in abundant supply. There were touches of LCD Soundsystem in the mix too, and of course any keyboard-driven Boeckner project is going to echo his own Handsome Furs to an extent. But Operators is its own beast, and that beast is formidable: a flurry of funky keyboard riffs, rumbling programmed beats, incessant low-end, and pelvic thrusts, all set to the classic rock chord changes and gravel-throated melodies that have become Boeckner’s signature. It’s a natural progression from Divine Fits, especially in today’s stylistic climate, but who’d have thunk it back when Boeckner was first howling “Shine A Light” with Wolf Parade?”

Here are two video clips:

Reviews from twitter:

Tony Todoroff @designZOMBIE: “Sounded amazing. Pretty much pure electronic with an almost punk edge.”

Joel Oliphint @joeloliphint: “Sam Brown & Dan Boeckner debuting the new band: Operators. You can dance to it. Many knobs.”

Exciting news! Hope to hear the EP soon!