New Moonface dates

Spencer just posted brand new European and Canadian dates:

A few more piano shows… probably the last ones, for a while at least.
Also, to anyone who has sent me comments / questions on tumblr: Thank you. I have read them. If I haven’t answered, I will. I just need to sit still for a minute. I will.
15-OCT – Nochtspeicher, Hamburg (DE)

16-OCT – Franzis, Wetzlar (DE)

17-OCT – Schauspiel Theatre, Leipzig (DE)

18-OCT – Podnik, Prague (CZ)

19-OCT – Steirischer Herbst, Graz (AT)

22-OCT – Bronson, Ravenna (IT)

25-OCT – Music Box, Lisbon (PT)

28-OCT – Palais Montcalm Maison de la Musique, Quebec City (CA)

30-OCT – BSOMA School, Ottawa (CA)