Spencer Krug shares some news


It’s been some time since Spencer Krug has let his fans know what he’s up to. After starting a Tumblr and Facebook page last year, things went quiet in the Moonface world. Now many months later Spencer has finally posted again giving his dedicated fans so much news. As I posted yesterday, Spencer will be playing some one off shows and festivals this summer. What he reveals in his recent Facebook post is that these shows will also be testing ground for his brand new material which he hasn’t recorded yet!

And that is just one bit of exciting news, the rest of the post is full of information on what Spencer has been up to musically including:

– He’s has been arranging violin parts for the upcoming Frog Eyes record (due out later this year!)

– Siinai and Moonface will probably have a new release out at some point as Spencer has recorded vocals on tracks he had previously recorded with them before he left Helsinki

– This may lead to Siinai/Moonface going back out on tour together

– Spencer has posted a song from the ‘Julia..’ sessions that was never mastered for us to hear

You can read the entire posting on the Moonface Facebook page. Here’s the unreleased track ‘Still a Criminal’: