Spencer Krug adds summer dates, shares a poem


Looks like Spencer will be doing a few additional shows this summer! He posted to his facebook page yesterday the additional dates as well as this short poem (that he says is unrelated and was written in 2009):

Standing on a pile of diamonds you’re finally able to see over that totem pole blocking your view of the woods. You see then that all the trees have decided totem pole is the new look and are busy peeling off bark to carve crude face shapes into each others’ sweet green flesh. You make out the bad faces: Face of T-Rex, Face of Racehorse, https://sdarcwellness.com/online-therapy/ Face of the A&W Bear, and realize these trees don’t know the right animals. Even the old thick redwoods are gouging wide-eyed into their brothers with long awkward branches; knot-knuckled pine-arms and fur-fingers working Face of Chewbacca into the grain.

Each tree has a true face – just below the lowest bough – which is like a cat face, only less alert. Less aware. You want to shout: No! You look fantastic au naturel! But your mouth is full of the diamonds you’ve been scooping in there while you watch.

New tour dates:

08-27 – Ottawa ON – Pressed
08-30 – Winooski VT – The Monkey House