12 Days of Apologies – Day 1 – You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son

And so it begins. The next 12 days I’ll be posting a track a day (in order) from Wolf Parade’s critically acclaimed first record ‘Apologies To The Queen Mary’.

Track 1 – You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son

I spoke with Dan Boeckner recently about the genesis of the record, including the recording process in Portland, Oregon with Isaac Brock and the later sessions in Montreal. I’ll be posting parts of our conversation each day so stay tuned! Here’s some of part 1, you can read more here

The (first recording) session we did was 2 weeks to get everything done. But I also remember it being really really compressed for the vocal days cause basically we had taken a lot of time doing bed tracks and then we had gone over budget on the record. It was kinda a shit show, that whole recording session. We went over budget on the record, and it was crunch time. Isaac basically told me we had one maybe two sessions to do all the vocals. So I cut all the vocals for the record in one day. And that was pretty intense. I didn’t really know how to pace myself and my voice was already pretty blown out. I basically destroyed my voice by the time that session was over. It was pretty intense.

Below is just a small amount of submissions that were sent to me/that I found.

You can see the full post HERE

Amazing drawing inspired by ‘You Are A Runner, And I Am My Father’s Son

by: Kelli Nelson posted on her Tumblr


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