12 Days of Apologies – Day 2- Modern World

Track 2 from Apologies To The Queen Mary is Modern World

Here’s a selection from Part 2 of my conversation with Dan Boeckner. You can read all of Part 2 plus check out fan submissions/art on the Modern World page here.

I was the closest to Isaac and what I didn’t realize is that he had never really made a record before with another band that wasn’t Modest Mouse. He was good, he had Chris Chandler there doing all the technical stuff and fixing engineering issues. He really pushed the band in a good direction with a lot of the songs. I think ‘…Father’s Son’ would not exist, and I don’t know maybe Spencer would disagree, if Isaac wasn’t at that session recording the drums and making us play this beat over and over again. The sound that Isaac was trying to create for us was something that we didn’t think we were capable of. We didn’t have a bass player and our pallet was always the Jupiter keyboard playing bass, and this sort of shrill guitar. I always had to play high leads to kinda cut through the sonic murk. Arlen just wailing away on the drums, with Hadji kinda fitting in wherever he could. So when we wrote songs that was our canvas. Going in and doing something like ‘Modern World’, for instance, acoustically, I don’t think that would have happened had Isaac not been involved in the process.

Listen to the very first version of Modern World from EP1!


Here’s the official video created by Adam Bizanski:

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Covers and Art

This amazing ceramic plate! Check out his other incredible ceramics at http://www.solarplexusgems.com

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