12 Days of Apologies – Day 3 – Grounds for Divorce

Track 3 from Apologies to the Queen Mary is Grounds for Divorce.

Here’s a selection from Part 3 of my talk with Dan Boeckner. You can read all of Part 3 plus fan videos and quotes on the
Grounds For Divorce page.

We went up to Vancouver after the session (in Portland). The session had been pretty hard on everybody. I remember Hadji almost quit during it. It was fun and productive, to a point. We were a new band and we had never been in that kind of environment before. The only recording I’d ever done was at this studio in Victoria where they did Dayglo Abortions (Canadian punk band) records. That’s where all the Atlas Strategic stuff was recorded. And that was in this guy’s basement. So we had never been in a pro studio environment. It’s our debut record right, so there’s considerable amount of stress on the whole process and on us. Also the fact that we were totally fucking broke and stranded in Portland. We drove up to Vancouver Island and went our separate ways after the CBC Radio 3 session. I remember having to abandon our van on the way there because it was falling buy viagra prescription apart.

Spencer describes what the song is about in this 2005 interview:

‘Grounds for Divorce’ is just about breaking up. The divorce is symbolic, it’s not a real divorce. It’s more like two people, one is like “glass is half full”, the other doesn’t think so. You’re with someone long enough and you think ‘oh, we might get married,’ which is just a random thought you have when you’re with anyone; some days it looks like you will, and some days it looks like you won’t. So that’s where the divorce bit comes in, it’s not super deep, just playing with what’s already imaginary. That particular line, the whale thing, comes from this time when this person I was with was like ‘I fucking hate the sound of city buses screeching’ and I said ‘Just pretend they’re giant whales, floating around the city, singing to each other’ and she was like ‘That’s stupid.’

Listen this version from EP 2, which you can purchase from
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This fan made video is so great!

Check out the Grounds For Divorce page to read all of Part 3 of my talk with Dan and for a bunch of great quotes and tweets of love for this amazing track!