12 Days of Apologies – Day 5 – Fancy Claps

Track 5 from Apologies To The Queen Mary is Fancy Claps

Here’s Part 5 from my talk with Dan. You can read the full post on the Fancy Claps page.

After ATP we toured our way back to Montreal. And that tour was fucking insane. It was everybody in the van. No one was coming to the shows. This is November 2004. So we played these small clubs that were huge distances from each other on a routing that would eventually get us back on Montreal. We played a terrible show in Phoenix where no one showed up, then drove to Denton, Texas and played an 80’s night between DJ’s. Our next show was in St Louis and that was kind of the nadir of the trip. It was our last show before we were supposed to go home. We played a show in Arkansas where Hadji passed out at the show, literally fell asleep on stage. We were just ground https://sgs.nsw.edu.au/cialis-online/ down. We had literally been out for over a month at this point, all of us getting pretty feral. I think the worst part of that whole thing, which started with us driving out to Portland to make the record, was when we played in St Louis at the Rocket Bar. That venue is basically the downstairs is the bar, there was a little step down to the bar and that’s where all the locals hang out. But if you pay a cover you could step up these tiny stairs and go see a band. The people that don’t pay cover are still in the bar and maybe they’re heckling you from there.

Love this cover that Brittany Scheffler submitted:

“When I die, I’m leaving you my feet”
Photo by: Joseph Russell

Fancy Claps was amazing live, especially when coupled with ‘You Are A Runner..”. This video is a perfect example:

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