12 Days of Apologies – Day 6 – Same Ghost Every Night

Track 6 from Apologies to the Queen Mary is Same Ghost Every Night

Here’s part 6 of my talk with Dan. You can read the full post on the Same Ghost Every Night page.

We got back to Montreal and I didn’t have a copy of the record. Nobody had a copy of the record. We couldn’t listen to it. Then we stopped hearing back from Isaac. So we had done this thing and nobody knew what it sounded like, it only existed in our minds. I was so fucking broke I was living on my friend’s couch in Hochelaga, which is a shitty suburb of Montreal. My girlfriend at the time had moved to Taiwan. So I just worked my ass off at my job for a month, saved up for a plane ticket, and flew to Taipei. When I got there she broke up with me and I lived in Taiwan for 3 ½ months after that. All in the back of my mind I’m thinking, https://www.twopointzero.com.au/generic-viagra-online/ there’s like a record, we did a record.

Possibly the only live version of this track was recorded at the CBC Radio 3 Sessions in November 2004.

From Brandom Stosuy’s review – Pitchfork:

There’s no question the lonesome crowded sound is here, but when Wolf Parade dig in and dust off their influences, the band rolls like a Ritalin-deprived power-Bowie or 70s Eno flexing piano-based hooks over Pixified rhythms. Component ingredients include electronics, keyboards, guitar, drums, and two spastically surging, forever tuneful vocalists (Dan Boeckner and Spencer Krug), but there are also surprises: A theremin cries in the slow-poke “Same Ghost Every Night”– one of the longer tracks, it grows in pageantry as it swells to the six-minute mark

I found this short film titled ‘Same Ghost Every Night’ by writer/director Darren Anderson. Wolf Parade’s song ‘Fine Young Cannibals’ is playing at the 7:59 mark:

Check out the rest of the videos and photos as well as part 6 of my talk with Dan on the Same Ghost Every Night page.